Play your way into the World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) offers poker players the chance to reap the largest and most sought after poker prize; a multi-million dollar payout, and the legacy of being one of the world’s best poker players.

2009WSOPMainEventThe problem is the event costs $10,000 just to enter. A little more than most of us have burning a hole in our poker payroll pocket, no matter how big the reward.

Fortunately, you no longer need all that cash to stake your claim in the pages of poker history. All you have to do is enter and qualify through a World Series of Poker Satellite Event, at a cost much less than the WSOP’s $10,000 buy-in.

There are a variety of WSOP satellites held online at sites like Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker that you will find to fit your bankroll. Just sign up for one of these sites, and keep your eye out for World Series of Poker Satellites to be held throughout the year.

The WSOP Satellites provide an excellent way of getting into the World Series of Poker, and provides you with a wealth of experience leading up to the event.

In this article we will provide you a few practical tips to help you develop a WSOP satellite strategy and go the distance on your World Series of Poker journey. Hopefully if you take this advice to heart, and study all the other valuable online poker information you will discover on, you will be on your way to becoming the next Greg Raymer or Joe Cada (who this year won an astounding $8.55 million)!

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Online poker satellites allow you to play your way into the World Series of Poker.

What you should know about World Series of Poker Satellites

First, know your opponent. This applies for all poker games and tournaments, not just the World Series of Poker. When you are playing an online WSOP satellite game, watching and picking up on your opponents playing patterns is the key to coming out on top.

Some online poker players are impossible to bluff. They’re known as Calling Stations and they will call you under most circumstances. Watch out for them, and don’t bluff unless you have something to run with. When going up against players like these it is best to wait until you have a good hand, and then trap them into calling. This way when you make a bet, you want them to call.

Use a bluff only when you have a few opponents still in the hand. One or two other players in the game are ideal, but any more than that will increase the chances of your bluff being called.

In the WSOP satellites (as well as in any other game), use your position on the table to dictate your play. The best position to be in is always the last person to bet. You can note who checks (indicating a weak hand), or who raises, indicating that someone may be holding a solid hand. Be sure to pay attention to players who may be slow playing their hands as well, and planning to sucker you in with a check/raise.

Second, don’t be afraid to go all-in if you have what you believe to be the winning or leading hand. Many WSOP Satellites are winner-take-all events, meaning that you have to win the entire WSOP satellite to earn your spot in the World Series of Poker Main Event.

Don’t wait too long to make a move. Before you know it you will be so far behind the chip leader that you have no shot at coming back and finishing on top. In tournaments that pay out multiple places you have the time to be patient. You can still win a good deal of money even if you don’t win the entire event. In satellite tournaments, this is most often not the case.


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Now let’s assume you’ve qualified for the World Series of Poker and you’re ready for the poker event of a lifetime, as well as the excitement, the lights, the publicity, and the pressure that goes with it. Remember, this is the most important poker tournament in the world, and the competition, atmosphere and pace of play are going to be very different than playing in an online World Series of Poker Satellite.

You will be playing in person against your opponent, and showcasing tells that you don’t see (or show) while playing online. Therefore it is essential to get to your local poker room and play in live tournaments. If you have a local poker room, head there and enter a few events. If you don’t have a place to play nearby, head to Las Vegas a couple days early and play live poker in Vegas poker rooms.

The live poker playing experience will go a long way in how you fare in the World Series of Poker. You will become accustomed to handling chips, studying your opponents, and most importantly, practicing your own poker face.

Also keep in mind that the World Series of Poker is a multi-table event that takes days to complete. So when it’s time to practice, you may want to consider playing in events with as many players entered as possible. You will not find tournaments at your local casino that offer the bulk of players or the level of competition that you will find at the WSOP, but larger tournaments will give you an inkling of what to expect when the bright lights of Vegas shine down on your hole cards.