Texas Hold’em Tips: Unsuited Connectors

Disconnect from your hand with unsuited connectors

unsuited connectors texas hold'em pokerWhen compared to suited connectors, unsuited connectors take a big hit with the loss of a flush possibility. Tread carefully, especially if you’re in early position, before getting all fired up about how you’re going to win the hand by hitting a straight on the flop, turn or river.

Of course, high unsuited connectors, A-K, K-Q, etc., are extremely playable to see if the flop reveals top pair or two more cards that work toward a straight. Raise liberally when holding this hand.

With the lower unsuited connector cards, 10 and below, the absence of the flush possibility makes this hand hard to play. Limping in with a minimal amount of chips, if any, should be invested in the rare chance that you hit a straight. And if nothing materializes by Fourth Street, get out of the hand.

What do experts think of unsuited connectors?

Some experts consider unsuited connectors less than J-10 a trash hand and would never bother playing. If you’re in late position, and holding unsuited connectors below J-10, calling would be a gutsy move. Assuming it’s a loose game and there’s plenty of action, that’s all the more reason you should muck the hand.

Even if you do end up hitting the 7-8-9-10-J straight, there’s always the flush to worry about. And if you have 10-9 unsuited and flop another 10, there are still many pairs out there that can beat you. The only exception we would make to playing low unsuited connectors is if you are in the small blind and can get in with a discount.

On the same line, playing with unsuited connectors 9-8 might be the most overrated hand in the game. A lot of the less experienced players will take a chance on this hand, when folding should be your first option.

High-end unsuited connectors like A-K , K-Q or Q-J offer a different perspective because you’re looking to score top pair, or maybe even trips down the road. Putting together a straight becomes secondary. From any position, these unsuited connector pairs are powerful and considered just fine to raise with.