The Worst Hand in Poker

What is the worst hand in poker? Read the following article on poker strategy to find out the answer.

full tilt poker linkIt’s surprising how many people ask this question, and even more surprising how few actually know the answer. I’m not only talking about the worst hand in Texas Hold’em poker (which inspired this article) but poker in general. Contrary to popular belief, the worst Texas Hold’em hand is not 7- 2 off suit. The worst hand in poker is the second best hand at the table.

One of poker’s most valued lessons is learning the danger of having the second best hand. In many cases, the difference between “pro” and “schmo” is knowing when to dump a solid hand that you know is second best. The key to avoiding this bankroll cancer is two-fold prevention and acceptance.

Step one of this poker strategy starts before the flop. Choosing the hands not to play, the hands that are notorious for producing second-bests, will save you thousands of dollars over your poker career.

Some usual suspects are Ace with a small kicker and hands such as K-9. These hands can either give you the ignorant end (losing end) of a straight, or leave you beaten by someone playing a stronger kicker if the board does pair your ace or king.

The real poker strategy here is to avoid these situations. This is especially important with high cards such as kings and aces. Be aware that a person playing a king is probably playing it with a connector, or at least a high enough card to form a straight. The risk of high kickers also increases with more players at the table.

Step two of this poker strategy involves preventing the damage caused by holding the second best hand. This step comes into play when your strong hand turns weak. It’s not easy to dump a great hand once the flop, turn or river has burned you, but it is a crucial that you do.

You see this a lot with pocket pairs and over cards, or when there are four cards to a straight on the board and you are holding the low end. Making the decision to throw your hand away should not be based on how strong your hand was, but how strong it is and potentially will be.

If you’re holding trips and there are four cards to a flush, there is a good chance that someone made their flush. Your once powerful set is now a very weak, second best-hand, and you must consider folding. The poker strategy of simply recognizing when you are beat will result in huge savings and profits over time.

So remember, next time you hear someone blurt out they just got dealt the worst hand in poker, you should smile and think to yourself that they couldn’t be more wrong. At the end of the day, a poor poker starting hand may cost you an ante, but the worst hand in poker could cost you your entire bankroll.

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