Freeroll Poker Tournaments: a Winning Strategy

Freeroll poker tournaments offer players the opportunity to win thousands of dollars while not risking a single dime of your own money.

They’re a great way to build your poker bankroll, and help you get accustomed to playing online poker. And best of all, these tournaments are completely FREE to enter!

CB017982The truth is that luck comes with practice. And you have to practice getting lucky. The most interesting advantage of freeroll poker tournaments is the fact that you can practice a variety of different tournament theories and poker strategy plans without having the added pressure of finishing in the money to recover your buy-in amount.

There are many different theories for playing in freeroll tournaments. Let’s look at the first 90 minutes.

During the first 90 minutes you can do quite well only playing (and going all-in pre-flop) with AA, KK, and AK suited. You can do quite well by playing only these particular hands and no other.

You can also add the hands below in certain circumstances:

  • From mid to late position, with no more than four times the minimum raise in front of you, you should also play and go all-in with: AQ and QQ. If you choose not to go all-in, call a raise up to 20% of your stack, otherwise you should fold.
  • From mid to the late position, raise four times the minimum bet, or 20% of your stack, for all pocket pairs higher than sixes.
  • From early position don’t be afraid to limp in with these pocket pairs as well, as well as if you have suited connectors all the way down to 7-6. features a number of valuable freeroll tournaments. Sign up here!

Let’s go to the post flop play during the first 90 minutes of your freeroll tournament.

  • With your pair and over cards on the board, four to a flush or four to a straight, bet two times the minimum. Call your raises up to four times the minimum bet, or 20% of your stack. Fold if there are bigger bets.
  • If you have a top pair or two pair and an unpaired board bet four times the minimum. Fold to any raise more than 50% of your stack unless you have the top two pair and there is absolutely no chance your opponent(s) hitting a straight or a flush. Think about re-raising all-in if this happens in your case.
  • With straights, trips, or full houses try slow playing after the flop. If there is no action raise big and end it there.

The main thing to remember in all tournaments is to show any weaknesses. If you are betting big before the flop, and you totally miss your hole cards, think about another big bet (it’s your only chance to win the hand). You’ll probably have an advantage since you are playing big cards. Keep practicing different strategies, and study the articles found on and you too will soon become a freeroll poker tournament winner.