Online Poker Tips: Basic Betting Strategy

“You Bet Your Life”

To make money at the online poker tables, or at your local casino, you must embrace the concept of risk-reward through your betting strategy.

poker betting strategiesThe bet is more than just the amount of chips you throw in the pot. It can be as detailed as how you throw your chips into the pot, or how you click the “bet” or “raise” buttons when playing poker online. Other players are watching your every move, so it’s important to keep consistent and controlled motions every time you bet.

When you have solid cards bet with confidence. When you’re betting with nothing also bet with confidence. Condition your opponents to think that when you’re making a bet, you’re doing it because you have the best hand, even when you don’t.

When the bet is in your hands and you have three choices: you can call, raise or fold. And, to the surprise of some, calling may be your worst move. When you call, you’re just reacting to the whims of another player, so the only way you can win is if you have the better hand. Folding is actually a better play because you’ve saved yourself money. You will find that the pros most often bet, raise or get out of the way.

An offensive and aggressive approach can make other players fold the better hand. And nothing says aggressive like the raise. When you raise, re-raise or check-raise, the surprise of the move can shake up and throw off your opponents, making them easier to read.

Betting can be like baseball. The successful major league pitcher who throws a 95 mph fastball is even more un-hittable when he mixes in a 65 mph change-up. Do the same when it comes to betting. Throw in a change-up by bluffing and staggering the amount of your bets and you will keep the other players guessing.