Rush Poker at Full Tilt

Nonstop online poker action!

Full Tilt Poker recently launched a revolutionary online poker format designed to keep players in on the action at all times. “The world’s fastest poker game,” as described by Full Tilt, Rush Poker involves joining a large player pool in either a ring game or Rush Poker Tournament, and then playing against a different table of opponents each hand you’re dealt.  As soon as you fold your hand or your hand is complete, you’ll be ushered to a new table where you’ll be dealt back in immediately.

It’s the ideal format for players who love the excitement of online poker, but hate waiting around for a hand to finish before they can make a run at the next pot. It’s also a great way to load up on Full Tilt Points. For every Rush Poker hand that you are dealt, you’ll receive the standard one Full Tilt Point per dollar raked from the pot. And since you’ll be dealt into significantly more hands playing Rush Poker ring games than in regular ring games, your Full Tilt Points will skyrocket in no time.

Rush Poker is the greatest innovation since poker started on the internet,” says Full Tilt Poker professional Chris “Jesus” Ferguson. “Rush Poker is a grinder’s paradise. It’s a totally new way to play poker,” adds Patrik Antonious.

Rush Ring Games

To get started, simply open the Full Tilt Poker lobby window and click on Rush Poker (click here if you don’t already have an account). Next, browse the Rush Poker ring games and compare the stakes and average hands/pots per hour to decide which game you wish to join.

Once you’ve joined a Rush Poker ring game you’ll be seated immediately and you will post the big blind. After that, big blinds will be posted by the online poker player who has gone the longest time without posting the big blind. Small blinds and table position are randomized.

When the cards are dealt you will play your hand as you would in any other ring game. However, as soon as you fold you will be rushed to a new table where a new set of hole cards will await you. You won’t have to wait for your previous table to complete before you can play your next hand. Once you fold, or the showdown is complete, you’ll move on to your next hand.

Simply play as long as you wish, and then quit whenever you’re online poker session is complete.


Rush Poker Tournaments

Full Tilt Poker now offers Rush Poker Tournaments for those fast-paced poker junkies who prefer playing in tournaments over ring games. To join a Rush Poker Tournament simply follow the same steps you would to join a regular Full Tilt tournament and then select the Rush Poker Tournament Lobby.

Once your tournament begins the format will be similar to that of the ring games. Once you fold or your hand is complete you will immediately move to the next table where you’ll be dealt a new set of hole cards against a new set of competitors.

This will go on until there 30 players remaining in the tournament. At that point, tables will become short-handed to speed up play. Once the final table is reached play will return to the standard format where you will only be competing against opponents at your table.

What You Need to Know

  • To speed up action even further, Full Tilt Rush Poker games offer a Quick Fold button that you may use for each hand. As soon as you click the Quick Fold button you will instantly move on to your next hand/table, without having to wait for your turn to fold.
  • For those who want even more action you can also play multi-table Rush Poker ring games. You can have up to four entries at the same time!
  • Full Tilt Happy Hour Bonus Points are given out if you play in ring games during the Happy Hour Bonus times. Visit Full Tilt Poker to learn all about their Happy Hour Bonus and all the benefits of collecting Full Tilt Points.

The Verdict

We love the new format Full Tilt Poker has introduced. It adds to the online poker experience by allowing players to play more hands in a shorter period of time.

Staring at a computer screen for hours waiting for a hand you can play can be tedious on the mind and on the body. Many recreational players simply don’t have the time to play in lengthy tournaments or grind it out in ring games. Therefore they will play hands they normally wouldn’t because they want a piece of the action and they’re tired of waiting around for good cards. They will force the action, play loose, and end up losing all their chips.

What Rush Poker does for the average poker enthusiast is it encourages you to play only the hands you should play. Since you move on to a new set of cards each time you fold, there’s no reason to play crummy cards that you normally wouldn’t have any part of.

We also love the concept of Full Tilt’s Rush Poker Tournaments. Final Tables of large tournaments can be reached in as little as an hour, unlike regular tournaments that can take all day to complete. We recently played in a tournament with over 800 competitors that finished in less than two hours. It’s much easier to find two hours to play than it is to dedicate an entire afternoon/evening to playing in one online poker event.

The other thing we really enjoy about Rush Poker is the accelerated rate players can accumulate Full Tilt Points. By playing in substantially more hands per hour your points add up fast! Points are extremely valuable as they can be used to play in big money tournaments (simply buy-in with your points), and can also be used to purchase merchandise- such as cars!

Overall, we say give Rush Poker a try. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it gives you a chance to add to your poker bankroll in a matter of minutes, not days.

Sign up for a Full Tilt account if you haven’t yet. It’s free!