– Poker Staking is an innovative new website that allows for the buying and selling of poker stakes. Poker players can sell stakes (or shares) of their upcoming events, while investors can purchase those shares in hopes of turning a profit if the player they invested in finishes in the money. is an extremely valuable resource for up-and-coming poker players who don’t have the large bankrolls needed to play in major poker events.  For example, if Player A wants to play in the World Series of Poker (a $10,000 buy-in) but he only has $5,000 to put towards the tournament, he can sell shares to pay for the remaining $5,000.

If he finishes in the money, the winnings will be divided amongst himself (50%) and the investors (50% of the winnings divided by the number of shares sold). Let’s assume Player A sells 1,000 shares at $5 a share to account for the remaining $5,000. If he wins $1 million in the 2010 World Series of Poker, he will collect $500,000 for himself, and $500,000 for the investors (paying out $500 per share).

As you can see, this can be mutually beneficial for the player and the investor. Investors can turn a quick profit if they buy shares in successful players, and players can win big bucks in high-dollar poker tournaments they normally couldn’t afford to play in.

Getting Staked

The better the player you are, the easier it is to get staked. Poker professionals such as Tony G, rkruok and Kathy Liebert have little difficulty selling shares on the site because they have track records of success. However, beginner poker players without a proven history may find selling shares more difficult for obvious reasons.

If you are interested in signing up for use these tips to help get staked:

-         Buy shares in other players to build up positive feedback

-         Sell shares at a discounted rate

-         Don’t overprice your share values (*see below for information about share values)

-         Be honest and truthful in your profiles and keep them current

-         Join forum discussions

-         Offer ChipMeUp dollars as payment methods

-         Start winning!

After a short time, when people recognize your name and trust that you are a knowledgeable player, people will begin buying your shares.

Share Values

If a player has a history for returning a profit, he will likely sell his shares at a Price/Value markup that is of fair value to the return on investment.

For example, if Player B shows a history of a +30% return on investment, he may elect to sell his shares for more than true value- example, selling a share valued at $10 for $11. He would be selling his shares at 110% Price/Value. Basically, it is the same concept of betting on a favorite to win in a sporting event.

Buying Shares

Things to consider when purchasing shares:

-         Research the players you invest in. Do they have a positive return on investment? How often have they finished in the money?

-         What is the share value the player is asking? Does it match the player’s history? Stay away from players selling shares for a price/value that exceeds his or her expected return on investment.

-         Is it a trusted player? Does he or she interact on the forums; stay up-to-date on profiles, etc? Do other players invest in this player?

-         How have they faired recently?

-         Does the player consistently finish in the money? Be aware of stats that may be skewed by one successful event. A player may have cashed in big on one event, while not finishing in the money in all other events. Was the player just lucky for that one event? Go with consistent players who always seem to finish in the money.

Final Thoughts seems to be a reliable site for both players and investors. We really enjoy the concept ChipMeUp has started and believe it to be a valuable tool for future poker stars as well as savvy investors. The fact the poker professionals use the site to get staked us trust the site’s legitimacy. We have read several reviews stating that ChipMeUp pays out in a timely fashion, and we have come across very little negative feedback from players or investors. seems to be a reputable site and we encourage players as well as investors to give it a try and let us know what you think. Before signing up for an account we recommend visiting and reading the FAQs in addition to browsing the forums for tips from other players and investors.