Omaha Hi-Lo Poker Rules

Omaha Hi-Lo Poker uses the same rules as traditional Omaha, with the exception that the pot is split between the highest and lowest possible five card hands.

In order for a split to occur, a low hand must qualify (please note that qualifications may differ). Usually an eight low is the standard. This means that the low hand must not contain a card higher than an eight to qualify. In the event that there is no possible low hand, the entire pot goes to the highest five card hand.

Play Omaha Hi-Lo at Full Tilt Poker

Omaha begins by each player being dealt four down (hole) cards, followed by a round of betting. Once the initial round of betting has been completed, three community cards* are placed in the middle of the table. These cards are called “the flop”.  Another round of betting occurs, followed by another community card (the turn), and once again a round of betting.

Last, a final community card is revealed (the river) and a final round of betting concludes the game. Any players still left in the hand turn over their cards and attempt to make their best possible five card poker hand. Each player must use two down cards along with three cards from the community board.

Omaha Hi-Lo Game Play Review

1. The dealer deals each player four down cards.

2. 1st round of betting.

3. The dealer burns* a card and deals the flop.

4. 2nd round of betting

5. Another card is burned and a fourth community card “the turn” is dealt.

6. 3rd round of betting.

7. A last card is burned and the final community card  “the river” is dealt.

8. The last round of betting.

9. All remaining players participate in a showdown. Each player makes his or her best high five card poker hand along with their best low five card hand (if possible). The person who initiated the last round of betting shows his or her cards first.

10. The winner of the high hand receives half the pot. The other half of the pot goes to the player with the lowest hand.

Omaha five card hands must contain two of the player’s hole cards along with three of the community board cards.

General Omaha Hi-Lo Rules

1. In the event that the first hole card dealt is revealed to all players, the dealer must reshuffle and deal again.

2. If any other hole card is revealed during the initial deal, that card is taken by the dealer and replaced with an unseen card. The revealed card then becomes the burn card for the flop.

3. Each player is responsible for protecting their hole cards by either placing a marker on top of them or making it clear they are still in play. In the event that a player’s hole cards are not marked and are taken by the dealer, the player is out of the hand.

4. If there is any error in the dealing of the flop, it must be reshuffled and re-dealt.

5. Whenever a dealer turns a board card before a betting round is finished it must be removed from play for that round.

6. When a player reveals his hole cards he must not allow them to touch any of the board cards. If they become mixed with the board cards (even if it is possible to distinguish and remove them), the player’s hand is forfeited.

7. In the event that no low hand qualifies, the entire pot goes to the highest possible five card hand.


Community Cards: The cards that are shared by all the players in a hand.

Burn Card: The taking off and setting aside of the top card of the deck before dealing the next community card.