Poker Terminology

Ace High – When the highest hand you can make is an Ace with no pair.
All in – When a player chooses to bet his last chips (he can never win more then he risks from the remaining players).
Ante – Money placed in the pot before the hand is dealt.
Auto Blind – A button that will automatically post the small or big blind.

Bad Beat – When a leading hand is out-drawn.
Bankroll - The amount of money a players has in play.
Bet – Money put in play.
Big Blind – A full forced bet before any cards are dealt.
Blind – An opening bet before any cards are dealt.
Bluff - A bet with a weak hand.
Board - The community cards used by all the players.
Burn a Card - Removal of the top card of a deck by the dealer.
Button - A disk that is used to show who is the theoretical dealer.
Buy in - The amount of money it requires to enter a game.

Call - Make a bet equal to the previous bet.
Calling Station – A player who rarely ever folds.
Cap - The number of times a raise can be re-raised.
Catch - When a hand is made on the draw.
Check – Pass on one’s turn to bet.
Check Raise Checking at the first opportunity to bet, and then raising on the next.
Cold Call– Calling a bet or raise after checking the first time around.
Community Cards- Cards that can be used by all players to complete their hands.

Deal- Passing the cards out to the players.
Discard - Removing unwanted cards, such as in draw poker.
Draw – Adding new cards to your starting hand.
Drawing Dead – When you cannot possibly win the hand, regardless of the cards to be dealt.

Early Position - One of the first people who has the opportunity to bet the hand.

Family Pot - When everyone at the table is still involved in the pot.
Flop – The first community cards dealt at once in a game. Texas Hold’em flops consist of three face-up cards being dealt.
Fold - To forfeit your cards and remove yourself from play in the hand.
Flush - A hand where all five cards share the same suit.
Free Card – You get to see an additional card without having to call or bet.
Freeze-out - A tournament format whereby you cannot re-buy, or add more chips.

High Hand - The best hand in any round of poker.
Heads Up - One on one play with only two players involved.
Hold’em – Poker game where each player receives 2 pocket cards and tries to make the best hand using these 2 cards and 5 community cards. Bets can be made after the 2 pocket cards are dealt, after the first 3 community cards are dealt, and after the 4th and 5th community cards are dealt. The most popular game played online.
Hole Cards – The card or cards unseen by the other players.
House - The owner’s management of the games who collect the rake.

Ignorant End - The lower end of the straight.

Kicker – A separate high card used to break a tie.

Late Position – Being among the last to act in a round of betting.
Loose Player – A player who plays a lot of hands.

Monster – A powerful hand.
Muck – Fold without showing your hand.

No Limit – A game where anyone can bet all there chips at anytime.
Nuts – The highest possible hand in a poker game.

Omaha – A game with four down cards and four board cards where you must use exactly 2 down cards and 3 board cards.
Over card – A card on the board higher than your pair.

Pair - Two cards of the same rank.
Position – The place of a player at the table in relation to the player that opens the betting round. Early, Middle, Late positions.
Pot - The total money or chips on the table after all the betting is complete.
Pot -Limit - A game where a player’s maximum bet is the size of the pot.
Pot Odds – The calculated odds the money in the pot represents in relation to how much it will cost to play the hand and the player’s chances of winning.

Rag – A card that helps no one.
Rake – The money the house collects on each hand.
Raise - After betting has opened, increasing the amount of the bet is a raise.
River - The last community card dealt.
Rock - A player who only plays extremely good hands.

Seven Card Stud - A form of poker where 2 cards are dealt face down, 4 face up, and 1 last card down. Or any variation of stud poker with 7 cards.
Showdown - The showing of cards after the last bet has been made.
Slow Play – Not raising a good hand to incite further betting.
Small Blind – Forced half bet made before any cards are dealt.
Spit Pot - Hands in which the pot is split between more than one player.
Steal - Raising in expectation that all other players will fold.
Stud - Games in which there are no community cards. The player plays only the cards in his/her hand.

Table Stakes- Betting is restricted to the chips on the table.
Tells – Gestures or words by a player that give away the value of his/her hand.
Texas Hold’em - see Hold’em.
Tight - A tight player is a player who never bets unless they hold a good hand.
Turn – Fourth Street in a 7 card poker game.

Under the Gun – The player who is first to bet. In Hold’em, this is the first player to the left of the big blind.

Value Bet – A bet for value where you hope your opponent calls. Or a draw that has a positive expectation if there are enough callers.

Wheel – An ace through five straight.
Window Card – An upcard in Stud Poker.