No Limit Poker Buy-ins

Deciding how much to buy-into a No Limit Poker game for is a little trickier than playing at a fixed-limit table.

onlinepokerSince the possibility exists that on any hand you can lose your entire stack, it is important to only play on tables that you can buy into using a percentage (not all) of your bankroll. You want to have the option of buying back in should the worst happen.

This being said, we are no longer talking about buying in for a multiple of the big blind. We’re now talking about buying in for a certain percentage of your overall session bankroll.

If you are planning to put $100 into action over the course of a poker session, you should not enter a $100 no limit game. You should instead enter a no limit poker game where the buy in is $25. This way you can absorb a few down swings or bad beats without ever risking your entire session bankroll amount on one hand.


Quick Reference Poker Buy in Amounts

Limit Poker – Buy in for 50 to 70 times the ante or small bet.

No Limit Poker – Never buy in for more than 25% percent of your single session bankroll.

Omaha Hi-Lo Poker – Buy in should be 100 times the ante or small bet.

Tournaments – Buy in for multi-table tournaments should be 5% of your bankroll. Sit and go tournaments 10% of your bankroll.