Limit Poker Buy-ins

When you prepare to buy into a limit poker game you need to consider which type of game you and playing, and what type of play you are.

If you’re a loose player, who likes to see a lot of flops, you should probably add a few dollars into your buy in amount, to coincide with the increased hands you’re likely to play.

In addition, if you’re playing hi-lo poker, you may want to buy in for more than if you were playing Texas Hold’em, as the hi-lo pots, and players involved in each hand are likely to be greater.

As a general rule, the amount you should buy into a limit game with is between 50 and 70 times the ante, or small bet.

This is well above the 10 times ante or small bet that most card rooms require as the minimum buy in, however the theirs is so low (and our recommendation so high) and theirs is so low is because card rooms could care less if you win. Card rooms only care that you have enough money to play the hand so that they can collect a rake.

Unlike the card rooms, we want to help you win. That is the goal of this site. And to win, we recommend buying in for 50 to 70 times the ante or small blind so that you can absorb a bad beat or two, and still have enough money to collect yourself and win some big pots.

Here’s an example of a typical card room buy in— in a $2/4 Limit Hold’em game the card room will likely let you sit down with $20. This is the worst thing you can do. In order to be comfortable that you can win in the long run, you should buy into this game with between $100 and $140, or 50 to 70 times the $2 small bet.

Quick Reference Poker Buy in Amounts

Limit Poker – Buy in for 50 to 70 times the ante or small bet.

No Limit Poker – Never buy in for more than 25% percent of your single session bankroll.

Omaha Hi-Lo Poker – Buy in should be 100 times the ante or small bet.

Tournaments – Buy in for multi-table tournaments should be 5% of your bankroll. Sit and go tournaments 10% of your bankroll.