Omaha Hi-Lo Buy-ins

Many poker players will tell you that the buy in amount for a standard limit game and a high-lo game are the same – 50 to 70 times the small bet.

We tend to disagree on this point. In our experience, the possibility of split pots in high-lo poker games drive the average pot size and bets-per-pot much higher than in a standard limit game. And while many players will argue that you will win more pots, which will offset the increased action, we still think it’s better to be safe than short stacked.

We always recommend that you buy in with at least 100 times the small bet in all limit high-lo poker games. Even if you take a few all-in bad beats, you can still re-buy for the limit and recover.

Quick Reference Poker Buy in Amounts

Limit Poker – Buy in for 50 to 70 times the ante or small bet.

No Limit Poker – Never buy in for more than 25% percent of your single session bankroll.

Omaha High-Lo Poker – Buy in should be 100 times the ante or small bet.

Tournaments – Buy in for multi-table tournaments should be 5% of your bankroll. Sit and go tournaments 10% of your bankroll.