Top 12 Reasons to Play Poker Online vs. in a Casino

1. The card room is always close to home

ace imageOr rather inside of your home! Unless you live on the Vegas strip, you likely have to travel some distance to find a brick and mortar card room to play your favorite poker game at.  Quite a few states don’t even have casinos within their boundaries and you have to drive across state lines just to get an opportunity to sit down and play!

Online poker rooms are only as far away as your laptop or desktop computer. Just think of all the fuel you’ll save not having to drive to and from the casino each time you get an itch to play. Plus no more traffic jams, tool booths, speeding tickets, or driving in the rain or snow.

2. The options are endless

No matter what poker game is your favorite, online poker rooms offer them all. Sites like FullTilt Poker and Poker Stars offer a variety of online card games including: Limit and No Limit Texas Hold’em, Omaha Poker, Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo, Razz and mixed games. PokerStars even offer the popular five card draw!

3. You can be yourself

You don’t need to wear a hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses when playing online poker in the comfort of home. No one is around to see your poker face!

Online poker rooms are ideal for players who tend to get nervous playing in person or in front of a crowd. When playing poker online you can focus on your play without having to worry about “bluff” being written all over your face. Just be sure to read our article “Online Poker Tells,” to avoid showing your virtual poker face.

4. You can play more hands

Online poker dealers don’t have to collect, shuffle and deal the cards after each hand- everything is automated. You can play two to three-times more hands an hour, if not more, playing at online poker sites rather than in brick and mortar card rooms.

This is ideal for poker players looking to get a few quick hands in before work or during their lunch break.

5. Tournaments are played out much faster!

Between the ability to play more hands and the automatic transferring of players from one table to the next, online poker tournaments are played much faster than poker tournaments played in brick and mortar casinos. What would take days to complete in a casino card room, can be completed in hours online!

6. The variety of buy-in amounts

From Freeroll tournaments, to satellites to the World Series of Poker, to high stakes events, to sit-and-go tournaments that begin when they are filled, to $0.01/$0.02 cash games— online poker sites like BoDog, Poker Stars and Full Tilt offer a variety of tournaments and ring games to fit the bankroll of every type of player.

Where else but online can you play in a $0.01 tournament and a $100 buy-in event at the same time if you choose? And you can always join in a tournament without having to wait days or weeks for it to begin. So if you happen to get knocked out on a bad beat you can jump right back into the action by signing up for another online poker tournament.

7. The bank’s always open

Depositing money into your online poker account is as simple as making a purchase on Trusted online poker sites do not charge a transaction fee and you can often use a major credit card to fund your account. Please read the article “How Do I Deposit Money into My Online Poker Account,” to find out more on getting started playing online poker.

8. You can smoke…or not smoke!

Many brick and mortar card rooms have followed the trend to become non-smoking facilities. This is good if you don’t smoke— but if you like to have a cigar or cigarette while you play, maybe to help calm your nerves, this isn’t what you want to hear. When playing at home you can smoke if you so desire. It’s your house after all!

In addition, some poker rooms still allow smoking. So for you non-smokers, you’ll probably prefer your clean-air living room to a smoky card room.

9. You can play your way into big money events

Online sites such as FullTilt Poker offer a variety of satellite tournaments throughout the year that allow you to play your way into the World Series of Poker and other events held at Exotic poker locations worldwide. And they even offer packages that include airfare and hotel accommodations when you win your seat.

Plus, no longer do you have to incur the expenses of traveling to Las Vegas if you wish to play in a World Series of Poker satellite event. Now you can do it from home. Just think of all the money you’ll save even if you don’t happen to qualify.

10. You can do two things at once

Baby crying–cell phone ringing– important email coming in from a client— no worries, just click the “sit out” button and take a few hands off to go take care of business!

You don’t have to be cut off from the outside world when playing poker online, unless you want to be!

11. Crowds but not crowded

Hundreds of thousands of people play poker online at sites like PokerStars, yet online card rooms have the ability to handle the masses by creating new tables for players to sit down at when others are full.

You can always find a game to meet your bankroll in a matter of minutes—unlike in brick and mortar card rooms where you may have to sign up and wait an hour or more for your name to be called for an available seat.

12. The bonuses are out of this world!

From 110% sign-up bonuses, to frequent player points that allow you to purchase merchandise and play in high-stakes events for free- online poker sites know how to treat their players.

Please check back to often for up-to-date listings on the Best Online Poker Sign-Up Bonuses and Best Online Casino Promotions.